Personal Statements of Support

“Science makes it clear that use of fossil fuels needs to stop as soon as possible.  It is technologically feasible to replace fossil fuels in a short time if we only resolve to do so.  Oxford University should show leadership by divesting from fossil fuel companies and supporting alternatives, and encouraging others to follow.  Global warming will only be stopped by responsible citizens taking action.” 

Professor J. Doyne Farmer (Co-Director of Complexity Economics at the Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School)

We at Oxford like to claim the mantle of intellectual leadership.  Here, where the entrenched fossil fuel interests are putting up a nasty and dirty fight to protect the value of the assets that will be stranded if we exit the energy regime they dominate, is our opportunity to display genuine leadership when it counts.

Professor Henry Shue (Professor of Politics and International Relations)

“We can only burn 20% of the carbon in the proven fossil fuel reserves. We’ll have reached that limit in 16 years at present rates of consumption. We know about housing bubbles. Now we have a carbon bubble, a bubble of unreal value. It is too risky to own shares in this bubble. It has to burst and will burst if we are sane and want to avoid dangerous climate change.”

– Dr Brenda Boardman (Emeritus Fellow at the Environmental Change Institute, former head of Lower Carbon Futures)

We must change our perception of the fossil fuel industry. They exploit our society’s hunger for this lethal source of energy.

Dr Dominic Roser (Research Fellow at the Oxford Martin Programme on Human Rights for Future Generations)

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